Seminar Series 2018 - Ramiro Robles

Seminar Series 2018 - Ramiro Robles

Cooperative and Retransmission Diversity for Real-Time multiple antenna Communications in Correlated Channels with Co-channel Interference
27, Mar, 2018 11:30-12:30 (1 hour)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

This talk will be focused on the next generation of wireless real-time networks with high capacity and ultra-low latency. The number of objects connected to the Internet is growing exponentially, particularly in industrial applications. Current technologies are not designed to support the large numbers of objects with machine-type (real-time) traffic requirements. We will discuss the ability of cooperative, retransmission and spatial diversity wireless links to support real-time traffic. Conventionally, the randomness and unpredictability of wireless links severely impact their ability to support traffic with deterministic deadlines. In addition, co-channel interference is on the rise due to the increased connectivity demand and scarce spectrum resources. Diversity combining signal processing is an attractive option to reduce such degrading impairments. The talk explores the abilities and trade-offs of each type of diversity (using different channel distributions). It also explores the evaluation of delay or latency statistics as a metric to measure real-time capabilities in wireless networks. An infinite series expansion of the M/G/1 queue model with and without vacations is here presented for this type of systems. The use of retransmission diversity allows us to combine metrics of MAC and PHY layers, which is critical to the evaluation of stability, latency and cross-layer capacity of real-time wireless networks.

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