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CISTER moved several international projects forward

2, Apr, 2015

CISTER Researchers are active on several fronts to move projects in which CISTER is stakeholder forward. Below is a short report on the recent activities.

Luis Lino Ferreira participated on an Arrowhead project meeting at schneider electric facilities to discuss the present status of the framework and future developments. One development was related to the interoperability between solutions from different work packages and the other was related to a workshop where the participants integrated their code into the Arrowhead framework.

CarCoDe project is entering its final period. In the last period, CISTER was engaged in three fronts: (1) CISTER was in charge for developing protocols for data dissemination in vehicular networks, (2) drove the efforts to prepare joint scientific papers regarding CarCoDe results, and (3) provided important technical contributions for the integration of the system. The general assembly (GA), held in the premises of Evoleo, discussed the final details of the developed components. During this GA, the participants focused on how to integrate the components into (i) a working demonstrator, and (ii) the workshop that will be held in Castelo Branco in June to present the results of~CarCoDe to the general public.

The objective of EMC2 is to establish Multi-Core technology in all relevant Embedded Systems domains. To this end purpose, CISTER Researcher David Pereira participated in the WP2 (Executable Application Models and Design Tools) meeting in Eindhoven. The meeting was very important in order to establish on the one hand a common understanding of the goals of WP2, and on the other hand, the contribution of this work package to the goals of EMC2.