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ARCS 2015: a huge success

4, Jun, 2015

The 28th GI/ITG International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS 2015) was successfully organized by CISTER, last March. ARCS has over 30 years of reporting high quality results in computer architecture and operating systems research. The focus of the 2015 conference was on reconciling parallelism and predictability in mixed-critical systems. The conference held six sessions featuring 19 papers on hardware, design, applications, trust and privacy and real-time issues.

The conference featured three interesting keynotes: "The evolution of computer architectures: a view from the European Commission" by Sandro D'Elia of the European Commission Unit, "Architectures for Mixed-Criticality Systems based on Networked Multi-Core Chips" by Roman Obermaisser of the Univ. of Siegen, and "Time Predictability in High-Performance Mixed-Criticality Multicore Systems" by Francisco Cazorla of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Four workshops and two tutorials were also part of the conference.