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CISTER progresses in ECSEL and PT2020

27, Jul, 2015

The Project Outline results for the ECSEL 2015 call for both RIA and IA projects have been announced and all proposals, with CISTER involvement as a consortium partner, have passed the required criteria, with the Full Project Proposal to be submitted by September.

CISTER proposals cover several areas where real-time embedded computing is a key player, namely: tools and algorithms for building complex Cyber Physical Systems; platforms for autonomous operations of Unmanned air vehicles in civil airspace; comprehensive test and validation framework to increase dependability, safety and efficiency of automated and autonomous systems; development of integrated, safe and secured HW&SW solution through integrated sensor devices in Food production Industry and novel solutions for resource predictable networked many-core system architectures. CISTER is leading one of the proposals, whose focus is the topic of software methods and tools to enable predictable high-performance execution on COTS multiprocessors or many-core architectures.


In parallel, CISTER was also involved in two proposals that have been submitted for calls from the Portugal 2020 program. These involve several companies and other research institutions from Portugal, including Embraer, CEIIA, GMV, Inova+, among others. The proposals cover application of real-time embedded computing in different scenarios: development, validation, and implementation of novel assisted living solutions for elderly citizens and patients affected by chronic diseases, and structures and certification & validation of avionic systems.