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New Members and Visiting Professors

29, Jul, 2015

In the last few months, CISTER beefed up its international collaborations. First, Benny Akesson returns as a research associate of CISTER. Benny works in Real-Time Embedded Systems with interests in resource arbitration, performance virtualization and analysis, power estimation, variability, and design automation. On behalf of everyone here: Welcome back Benny!

Also, two resourceful researchers completed their stay at the lab, Damien Massion and Per Lindgren.

Per Lindgren is a chaired professor in Embedded Systems at EISLAB, Sweden, and manages the Sustainable IT systems Master's (SITS) program. He is a member of the ARTES++ reference group, and member of the ARTEMIS Architecture group, having contributed to the ARTEMIS Tools SRA. Per visited us between April and June 2015 and, together with CISTER’s researchers David Pereira and Luís Miguel Pinho, continued an ongoing collaboration targeting the development of deadlock free programming for low cost embedded systems. They also worked on the application of formal verification in the construction of certified IEC 61499 toolboxes for the development of software for industrial automation systems. This joint work is part of the goals that are being address in the scope of the European Project EMC2.

Damien Masson is an associate professor in the Systems Engineering department (ISYS) of ESIEE, Université Paris-Est. He is also a member of the Gaspard-Monge computer science research laboratory (LIGM) in the LRT team. Damien visited us between January and June 2015, and together with CISTER’s researcher Geoffrey Nelissen, they worked on designing new lightweight and low-complexity real-time scheduling mechanisms.