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P-SOCRATES showcases results to the industrial advisory board

4, Mar, 2016

The P-SOCRATES project, an H2020 international project led by CISTER, is a 3-year initiative that fosters the convergence of High-Performance Computing and Embedded Computing domains. The project aims at developing an execution environment able to deliver high throughput, making it suitable for computationally-intensive applications, but also a predictable throughput, so that guarantees can be provided on the responsiveness on the software functionality. The project is now entering its last phase during which all the individual components are to be assembled.

On the 4th of March, the technical leaders presented to the Industrial Advisory Board their individual advancements regarding the tools and techniques developed in the project. The IAB gathers representatives of companies including Airbus, Bosch, Saab, Honeywell, and Kalray. Their feedback was as positive as it was encouraging. Discussions are already going on about an eventual integration of some of the components of the project into their flagship products. The meeting was held in Madrid with the participation of CISTER's researchers Miguel Pinho (project coordinator) and Vincent Nélis.


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