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Another successful PhD defense

14, Apr, 2016

Kostiantyn Berezovskyi has successfully defended his PhD thesis at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, Portugal. The thesis, entitled “Timing Analysis of General-Purpose Graphics Processing Units for Real-Time Systems: Models and Analyses", under the supervision of CISTER researcher Konstantinos Bletsas, proposes 3 timing analysis approaches: optimization-based, metaheuristic-based and measurement-based.

The corresponding results were published in top-ranked real-time systems conferences, namely ECRTS2012, ETFA2013, RTNS2014, in collaboration with researchers, such as Eduardo Tovar (CISTER, Portugal), Luca Santinelli (Onera, France), Björn Andersson (SEI/CMU, USA) and Stefan M. Petters (Exida, Germany).

The PhD jury committee was composed of Shinpei Kato (Nagoya University, Japan), Christine Rochange (Université Paul Sabatier, France), Eduardo Tovar (CISTER, Portugal), José Matos (FEUP, Portugal), Pedro Souto (FEUP, Portugal), João Ferreira (FEUP, Portugal), and Konstantinos Bletsas (CISTER, Portugal).