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CISTER PhD students complete internships abroad

25, Jul, 2016

João Loureiro spent six weeks at the University of York, at the Department of Computer Science, in an internship under the supervision of Leandro Indrusiak. The Department is a prestigious institution, with great domain knowledge on Networks-on-Chip (NoC), which is directly related to his topic of interest. The aim of the visit was to acquire knowledge in the domain, especially on the analysis of real-time applications on NoC-like architectures, to be applied on his ongoing PhD research at CISTER.

Shashank Gaur visited the Networked Embedded Software Lab (NESLab), to work with Luca Mottola. NESLab is a research laboratory based at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, where research combines theories, designs, implementations and deployments of networked embedded sensors and actuators. NESLab is headed by Luca Mottola who is also a senior researcher with SICS Swedish ICT. During the visit, Shashank worked on problems related to complex adaptation policies in programming applications for sensor networks. The visit was helpful in identifying the potential problem, use case scenarios, constructing a generic model and discussion on possible solutions.