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Sucessful final review of the P-SOCRATES European project

16, Feb, 2017

The CISTER-led P-SOCRATES had its final review meeting in Brussels, Belgium in February. CISTER researchers Luis Miguel Pinho (project coordinator) and Vincent Nelis (work package leader), and the principal researchers of the other project partners were involved in this meeting.
The review was successful, with the work being highly valued by the project’s reviewers, both considering the technical results of the project as well as the joint exploitation path and plans for post-project activities.
The project consortium presented the newly developed techniques for exploiting the massively parallel computation capabilities of next-generation many-core embedded platforms in a predictable way. This work led to the release of the UpScale SDK, a Software Development Kit for the development of applications with strict timing and high-performance requirements, including a complete set of compilation and analysis tools, as well as the underlying execution environments. The SDK is provided under commercial-friendly open source licenses and will be supported by an open community.
The success of the project was also reflected in the more than 50 scientific and technical papers published in international conferences, as well as the 10 invited talks and presentations in international industrial events, such as the Embedded World exhibition and conference (with both a presentation and a demonstration scheduled for March 2017) and the Design Automation and Test Europe conference.
P-SOCRATES (Parallel Software Framework for Time-Critical Many-core Systems) started in October 2013 and was funded by the European Commission FP7 R&D Program with a budget of 3.5 M€. The project work was performed by a team of around 20 researchers from 7 partners in 4 different countries. Besides CISTER, the research partners included the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (Spain), the University of Modena (Italy) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland). The industrial partners of the project included ATOS (Spain) and the SMEs Evidence (Italy) and Active Technologies (Italy). The project partners were supported by an industrial advisory board, which included, among others, well-known multi-national companies including Airbus, Bosch, Honeywell, or Saab.

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