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Portuguese industry boosts competiviveness with new collaborations in Paris Air Show

22, Jun, 2017

The Portuguese Aeronautic, Space and Defence Cluster (AEDCP), was deeply involved in various activities at the Paris Air Show. Also two important AEDCP strategic collaborations were signed – one with the Hamburg Aviation cluster and the other one with the Canadian cluster from Ontario and Montreal. These cluster level collaborations enhance the competitiveness of the Portuguese industry, and effect contributions to policy and regulatory regimes.
AEDCP represents the Aeronautical, Space, Security and Defence industries and research players in Portugal with the objective to provide a single platform for promoting and supporting the competitive development of the sector. The constituting members of AEDCP – the industrial federation of Aeronautic (PEMAS), Space (PROESPAÇO) and Defence (DANOTEC) – gather the representation of the three paramount sectors with clear trans-sectoral synergies and cumulated added value for creation of a national "super-cluster". As a member, CISTER was represented by researcher Eduardo Tovar. Some Portuguese participants included GMV, TEKEVER, EMBRAER, EDISOFT, ALTRAN, Critical Software, among others.