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CISTER leads new longer-term contracts with researchers

31, Jan, 2019

CISTER has completed recently the process to start 9 new 6-year contracts and a new tenured-track position under the Stimulus Program for Scientific Employment in Portugal. After the international call, the contracts will be signed not only with several researchers already at CISTER, but also with two researchers from outside the unit. The contracts cover the scientific spectrum from the unit’s research from generic Real-Time Computing Systems, to specific areas like IoT, Telecommunications and Verification & Validation. Most of these positions were focused in fundamental research and build a solid research human resource foundation for the next years.

The Stimulus Program for Scientific Employment national program started with the decree-law DL57/2016 with the objective of fostering scientific and technological employment, promote the rejuvenation of the institutions that make up the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN), as well as to boost the activities of scientific research, technological development, management and communication of science and technology in these institutions. Specifically, this mechanism promotes new longer-term contracts for doctorates in research institutions (public and private) all over Portugal but due to several delays in the regulation was only applicable in practice in the end of 2018. The program also provides significative financing incentives in certain scenarios.

New positions will also be open by CISTER in the next weeks for more applied research in the several new projects that the unit is involved. These positions will be open for both Senior and Junior researchers. Information about these will be available soon.