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CISTER Researchers participated in the Flexigy Workshop, in Coimbra

11, Feb, 2019

FLEXIGY project aims at creating a Virtual Energy Community concept that will operate “behind the meters” – i.e. the development of flexibility management services to allow energy aggregators to involve energy resources with private bilateral contracts, thus enabling the use of distributed energy resources in a collaborative way, with significantly larger community benefits when compared to individual optimization, supported by a cyber-physical infrastructure required to support load flexibility management with community-wide optimization mechanisms (which includes storage management, production management and load management), thus ensuring the security and satisfaction levels for the economic viability of the proposed solution. In this project energy transactions will be based on the blockchain concept and virtual currencies, in order to increase trust and end-user engagement.
In this meeting Luis Lino Ferreira and Rafael Rocha presented their work on the Flex Offer concept and discussed with the other partners the architecture for the system.

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