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HDR examination of Luca Santinelli

21, May, 2019

Last 20th of May, at the ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, CISTER Vice-Director Luis Almeida participated in the HDR examination (Habilitation à Diriger de Recherche) of Luca Santinelli, a well-known member of the real-time systems community, based at ONERA, working essentially on probabilistic methods for the estimation of the worst-case execution and response times.
The examination focused on the research path of the candidate and his research perspectives for the future.
Beyond Luis Almeida, the examination committee included Alan Burns U.York,UK; Isabelle Puaut, U.Rennes, FR; Laurent George, ECE, FR; Yves Sorel, INRIA, FR; Joel Goossens, ULB, BE and Christian Fraboul, U.Toulouse, FR.