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VORTEX General Assembly

8, May, 2019

The first VORTEX General Assembly was held at the CISTER Labs on the 8th of May, alongside with VORTEX Bootcamp.
This first General Assembly was mainly to ratify changes in the association bylaws proposed by the supervisory board, to name the members of the assembly and elect members of the VORTEX Scientific Council.
After discussing the overall charter and proposed changes, the assembly approved by unamity those changes.
The General Assembly is thus constituted by Jaime Medeiros - President (Altran/CRALaw); Nuno Correia - Secretary (NOVALINCS/UNL) and Paulo Gandra de Sousa - Secretary (CISTER/ISEP).
CISTER Researchers David Pereira and Ricardo Severino were appointed as members of the VORTEX Scientific Council and Eduardo Tovar was appointed as President of the VORTEX Scientific Council.
After this formality, the assembly members discussed about the future of the association based on the briefing of the bootcamp.