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Final Event of the ENABLE-S3 project in Graz, Austria

17, May, 2019

CISTER researchers David Pereira and Pedro José Santos have attended the Final Event of the ENABLE-S3 project, which took place in Graz, Austria, where the most important project results were presented to project partners, the ECSEL JU appointed reviewers, the project officer, guests and visitors.
David and Pedro had the responsibility to present the work of CISTER in the two use cases where the unit was involved over the past three years: Use Case 4 - Traffic Jam Pilot With V2x Communication, co-led by GMV Skysoft and CISTER; and Use Case 13 - Autonomous Control Platform, led TTTech and TTControl.

Overall, the meeting and the participation of CISTER was a huge success. The results produced by CISTER made a strong contribution to the framework for the verification and validation of highly automated CPS developed along the three years of duration of ENABLE-S3, and to the outcomes of the two use cases where the unit was involved. Furthermore, collaborations established within the scope of the project will continue with the aim at maturing them and potentially leverage them to the level that they can be included into high-value innovative V&V solutions.
More details about the Final Event and the role of ENABLE-S3 on introducing more advanced methods that aspire to substitute today’s cost-intensive verification & validation efforts of highly automated cyber physical systems (ACPS), can be found in the project’s webpage.

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