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CISTER builds Artificial Intelligence of things in critical real-time systems with in new InSecTT project

15, Jan, 2021

The Project INSECTT (Intelligent Secure Trustable Things) addresses the convergence of trustable and explainable artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for the IoT (Internet of Things). INSECTT looks at the future of the technology of Artificial Intelligence of things (AIoT), particularly at the edge of the network, addressing issues of security, latency, privacy and safety. INSECTT consists of 52 EU and Turkish partners in 21 use cases of a diverse set of industrial domains such as: transportation, autonomous vehicles, aeronautics, healthcare, railway and building.

CISTER/ISEP is one of the core partners of this project, with contributions in different building blocks spanning dependable wireless solutions, trustworthiness and explainable AI methodologies, and real time critical systems components. CISTER/ISEP is leader of the use case of Wireless avionics intra-communications (WAICs), leader of the reference architecture of the project, core member of the technical board of the project, and contributor in the wireless platoon vehicle, and wireless security test use cases.
More information can be found in the InSecTT website, its Twitter and YouTube social accounts.
InSecTT has received funding from the ECSEL Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 876038.

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