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Mubarak Ojewale successfully defended his PhD dissertation on Preemption in Time-Sensitive Networking

24, Feb, 2023

Mubarak Ojewale has successfully defended his PhD thesis on the 24th February, supervised by Patrick Yomsi and Luis Almeida, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, located in Porto, Portugal.

His thesis, entitled "On Preemption in Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)" offers novel contributions to the IEEE 802.1Qbu TSN standard, which specifies a 1-level frame preemption mechanism. This standard improves the suitability of Ethernet for real-time communication with strict and heterogeneous requirements, but it is prone to performance degradation when the number of express frames is high. Mubarak's thesis postulates that such shortcomings can be effectively mitigated with a multi-level preemption scheme. His work establishes the feasibility of this scheme, defines its requirements and proposes an adequate timing analysis and configuration tool, making Ethernet frame multi-preemption an effective mechanism for demanding distributed real-time systems.

The PhD examination committee was chaired by Manuel Ricardo, Full Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, and included Saad Mubeen, Associate Professor at the Mälardalen University in Västeras, Sweden; Ramon Serna-Oliver, Senior Researcher at TTTech Labs, Vienna, Austria; Paulo Pedreiras, Assistant Professor at the University of Aveiro; and Mário Sousa and Pedro Souto, Assistant Professors at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.