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Monday, 27th April 2020

11:00-11:45 - Session 1: Registration / SETUP11:45-12:00 - Session 2: Welcome Session

Welcome message from general chairs.

12:00-12:50 - Session 3: Keynote Speaker - Jerker Delsing (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden)

Keynote "Interoperability-the Enabler of Production Automation"

YouTube Video12:50-13:10 - Session 4: BREAK / Preparing next Session13:10-14:30 - Session 5: Time Sensitive Networks and Applications

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Scaling TSN Scheduling for Factory Automation Networks

David Hellmanns, Alexander Glavackij, Jonathan Falk, Frank Duerr, René Hummen and Stephan Kehrer

Window-Based Time-Sensitive Message Transmission in IEEE 802.1Qbv TSN for Industrial Applications

Niklas Reusch, Luxi Zhao, Silviu Craciunas and Paul Pop

Controller of Controllers Architecture for Management of Heterogeneous Industrial Networks

Frimpong Ansah, Santiago Soler Perez Olaya, Dennis Krummacker, Christoph Fischer, Alexander Winkel, Rene Guillaume, Lukasz Wisniewski, Marco Ehrlich, Waseem Manderawi, Henning Trsek, Hermann de Meer, Martin Wollschlaeger, Hans Dieter Schotten and Jürgen Jasperneite

Automatic Configuration of a TSN Network for SDC-based Medical Device Networks

Benjamin Rother, Martin Kasparick, Eike Schweißguth, Frank Golatowski and Dirk Timmermann

14:30-14:50 - Session 6: BREAK / Preparing next Session14:50-16:10 - Session 7: SS1:Trustworthiness and Security Focused Wireless Industrial IoT Networks

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TDOA-enhanced Distance Bounding in the Presence of Noise

Núria Ballber Torres, Bernhard Etzlinger, Eshagh Dehmollaian and Andreas Springer

Lifetime Security Concept for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks

Leander Hoermann, Christian Kastl, Hans-Peter Bernhard, Peter Priller and Andreas Springer

Tightening up security in low power deterministic networks

Walter Tiberti, Bruno Vieira, Ricardo Severino, Harrison Kurunathan and Eduardo Tovar

Energy-efficient Link Capacity Overprovisioning in Time Slotted Channel Hopping NetworksBest Paper Award

Gianluca Cena, Stefano Scanzio, Lucia Seno, Adriano Valenzano and Claudio Zunino

16:10-16:30 - Session 8: BREAK / Preparing next Session16:30-17:30 - Session 9: Work-in-Progress I

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Work-in-Progress: Semantic Knowledge Base as a Solution for Heterogeneous Industrial Network Management

Mainak Majumder, Santiago Soler Perez Olaya, Marco Ehrlich, Lukasz Wisniewski and Jürgen Jasperneite

Work-in-Progress: Modeling of real-time communication for industrial distributed automation systems

Friederike Bruns, Wolfgang Nebel, Jörg Walter, Kim Grüttner

Work-in-Progress: Layering Concerns for the Analysis of Credit-Based Shaping in IEEE 802.1 TSN

Hamid Hassani, Pieter J. L. Cuijpers and Reinder J. Bril

Work-in-Progress: Assessing supply/demand-bound based schedulability tests for wireless sensor-actuator networks

Miguel Gutiérrez Gaitán, Patrick M. Yomsi, Pedro M. Santos and Luis Almeida

Work-in-Progress: Usage of clustering algorithms for analysis of radio maps for localization using directed antennasBest Work-in-Progress Paper Award

Roland Stenzl, Stefan Wilker, Thilo Sauter, Anetta Nagy, Thomas Bigler and Albert Treytl

Work-in-Progress: RSSI-Based Presence Detection in IndustrialWireless Sensor NetworksBest Work-in-Progress Presentation

Hans-Peter Bernhard, Julian Karoliny, Bernhard Etzlinger and Andreas Springer

Tuesday, 28th April 2020

11:00-11:45 - Session 10: Registration / SETUP12:00-12:50 - Session 11: Keynote Speaker Pascal Thubert (CISCO, Sophia-Antipolis, France)

Keynote "Towards Reliable and Available Wireless"

YouTube Video12:50-13:10 - Session 12: BREAK / Preparing next Session13:10-13:50 - Session 13: SS2: Automation Systems and Critical Infrastructures

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Semantic Trajectory Planning on the Edge for Optimized Context-Aware Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robots

Tim Albert Klaas, Jens Lambrecht and Eugen Funk

Enabling and Optimizing MACsec for Industrial Environments

Tim Lackorzynski, Gregor Garten, Jan Sönke Huster, Stefan Köpsell and Hermann Härtig

13:50-14:30 - Session 14: Wireless Sensor Networks

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Alternate Marking-based Network Telemetry for Industrial WSNs

Abdulkadir Karaagac, Eli De Poorter and Jeroen Hoebeke

Lighthouse Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks for Latency-Bounded, High-Reliability Industrial Automation Tasks

Felipe Rocha Campos, Craig Schindler, Brian Kilberg and Kristofer Pister

14:30-14:50 - Session 15: BREAK / Preparing next Session14:50-16:10 - Session 16: Communication Technologies for Industry

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Integrating Field Measurements into a Model-Based Simulator for Industrial Communication Networks

Jing Geng, Honglei Li, Mohamed Kashef, Yongkang Liu, Richard Candell and Shuvra Bhattacharyya

Generation of OPC UA Companion Specification with Eclipse Modeling Framework

Sebastian Friedl, Christian von Arnim, Armin Lechler and Alexander Verl

Plug & Play Retrofitting Approach for Data Integration to the Cloud

Santosh Kumar Panda, Lukasz Wisniewski, Marco Ehrlich, Mainak Majumder and Jürgen Jasperneite

Machine Learning-Aided Classification of LoS/NLoS Radio Links in Industrial IoT

Andrea Bombino, Simone Grimaldi, Aamir Mahmood and Mikael Gidlund

16:10-16:30 - Session 17: BREAK / Preparing next Session16:30-17:30 - Session 18: Work-in-Progress II

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Work-in-Progress: A Formal Approach to Verify Fault Tolerance in Industrial Network Systems

Alessio Sacco, Guido Marchetto, Riccardo Sisto and Fulvio Valenza

Work-in-Progress: A Novel Fault Tolerant Scheme for a Wireless Modular Prosthetic Limb

Mayar Medhat, Ramez Daoud and Hassanein Amer

Work-in-Progress: Triple Event Upset Tolerant Area-Efficient FPGA-Based System for Space Applications And Nuclear Plants

Beatrice Shokry, Dina Mahmoud, Hassanein Amer, Maha Shatta, Gehad Alkady, Ramez Daoud, Ihab Adly, Manar Shaker and Tarek Refaat

Work-in-Progress: Compromising Security of Real-time Ethernet Devices by means of Selective Queue Saturation Attack

Paolo Ferrari, Emiliano Sisinni, Abusayeed Saifullah, Raphael Machado, Alan Oliveira De Sá and Max Felser

Work-in-Progress: Voting Framework for Distributed Real-Time Ethernet based Dependable and Safe Systems

Hans Dermot Doran

Work-in-Progress: Towards an International Data Spaces Connector for the Internet of Things

Michael Nast, Benjamin Rother, Frank Golatowski, Dirk Timmermann, Jens Leveling, Christian Olms and Christian Nissen

Wednesday, 29th April 2020

11:00-11:45 - Session 19: Registration / SETUP12:00-12:50 - Session 20: Keynote Speaker Eduardo Tovar (CISTER Embedded Computing Systems Center, Portugal)

Keynote "Information Processing for Extreme Dense Sensing: Timeliness and Scalability Issues"

YouTube Video12:50-13:10 - Session 21: BREAK / Preparing next Session13:10-14:30 - Session 22: Wireless Communications

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Functional QoS Metric for LoRaWAN Applications in Challenging Industrial Environment

Che Cameron, Wasif Naeem and Kang Li

Observers and Predictors for Wireless Control Loops published preprintBest Presentation Award (Regular Paper)

Linda Patricia Osuna-Ibarra, David Gomez Gutierrez, Dave Cavalcanti and Humberto Caballero-Barragan

Portable Full Channel Sounder for Mobile Robotics by Using Sub-Nanosecond Time Synchronization over Wireless

Óscar Seijo, Jesús A. López-Fernández and Iñaki Val

Performance analysis of STDMA and RA-TDMA wireless protocols in industrial scenarios

Iñaki Val, Zaloa Fernandez and Luis Almeida

14:30-14:40 - Session 23: Closing Session

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