Real-time Communication Systems and Technologies: fieldbuses ; real-time Ethernet networks; Wireless Sensor Networks (IWSNs); hybrid wired/wireless networks; Time Sensitive Networks (TSN); Time Triggered (TT) systems and protocols; modeling and specification techniques; hard and soft real-time message scheduling; multimedia support for industrial and process automation; real-time performance and analysis of network protocols and components; support for mobility; configuration tools and network management ; fault-tolerance and dependability.

Cyber-Physical Systems: control/communication interaction; networked control systems; Wireless Sensor Actuator Networks (WSANs); cooperative industrial systems; multi-agent industrial systems; time synchronization; localization; industry applications and case studies.

Networked Embedded Systems: design and validation; real-time operating systems; multi/many-core systems; Network-On-Chip ; middleware design and implementation; real-time performance and analysis; domain-specific design and verification languages; formal methods for verification and certification; model-driven engineering.

Safety and Security of real-time Networks: fault-tolerance; safety and certification; cyber-security; risk analysis and assessment; protection and countermeasures; industrial firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDSs); formal description techniques and verification of communication protocol and applications ; testing of security and safety.

Communication Technologies for Industry 4.0: self-adaption and self organization for smart factories; self-configurable networks; new paradigms for agile network operations; Software Defined Networking (SDN); Network Function Virtualization (NFV); artificial intelligence and machine (deep) learning; architectures for big data management; industrial cloud computing; industrial edge computing ; Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)/Industrial Internet of Services (IIoS); Service-Oriented Architectures (SoA); support for m2m and human-machine interaction; reports from experimental testbeds and deployment.

Green Communication in Industry: energy-efficient, resource-saving and environment-friendly networking; energy-saving and energy-harvesting techniques; green design.

Recent advances in research domains with similar communication requirements: smart grid communications; smart home and building automation networks; automotive and train-control networks; aerospace networks; automated guided vehicles (AGV) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs); Wireless Health Care (WHC); Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ; 5Gs.